Demo Tips...

  • Make sure your customers at their home 🏠 for the demo (not from Starbucks, not driving around, etc).

  • Make it a point to see couples πŸ‘­ πŸ‘«πŸΎ πŸ‘¬ together. Best if they're both in front of the screen (so they can follow along your presentation.)

  • Be ON TIME for your demo. Open the ZOOM room πŸ’» 10 minutes early, then send customer the link to the Zoom Room.

  • Smile 😊 and present with a positive mindset - Customers can sense how we feel.

  • If customer asks for prices πŸ’΅ in the middle of your demo, say: β€œI don't want to give away the end of the movie, I’ll go over all the prices at the end!” πŸ˜‡

  • Smile 😊 , be patient and help customers through any technical issues.

  • Follow this outline. Read and Smile! 😊

  • Present to couples together (so they can make a decision together; less pressure).

  • Learn the 9 Steps to the Demo Flow

    • Still Do FULL Presentation thru the summary: It’s great practice and many (most) customers forget the important details (like the guarantee).

    • CUTCO owners love upgrading to sets, adding accessories, and buying gifts!

    • Closing Process: At the bottom of the "Gifts/Accessories", there is a section called β€œClosing for CUTCO Owners” which shows you how to create a β€œCUTCO Wish List”

NINE Steps to the Demo Flow ...

Step 1 - Send Email with the Zoom Link (10 minutes before the demo start time.)

Subject: Online Appointment at (TIME) on (DAY).

Hello (Their Name)

Here is my zoom link for our appointment at (TIME). Zoom Link Info)

See you in a few minutes. THANKS!

With gratitude, (Your Name)

Step 2 - Open up your Zoom and send the customer a text letting them know to check their email for the Zoom link.

Hi (Name) - Just letting you know that the link for our appointment is in your email. Looking forward to seeing you in a few minutes at (Time). Thanks again! (Your Name)

Step 3 - Do the Demo

(Your outline is / Customer site: Set the two sites side-by-side on your screen and share just the CUSTOMER site using Zoom Screen-Share.

How To Create a ZOOM Meeting CLICK HERE

How to Screen-share CLICK HERE

Step 4 - Fill out with your customer.

Step 5 - Clock-In (Call Manager / Team Leader) by following the script.


If customer likes the Homemaker set and says they want to get is eventually, sometimes, a β€œspecial friends and family deal” will be all they need to help them want to get it now. If you drop down past the Galley set, call for prices on the Manager Special. There are great sets and specials you don’t know about yet. :-)

Step 7 - Input Order using CUTCO Orders App on phone/tablet or on on computer. Your manager can help on your 1st few times.

Step 8 - Get Introductions - Focus on at least a single sponsor each time by getting 10 or more names and numbers.

Step 9 - Clock-Out (Call Manager for a quick debrief)

Bonus Step - Make 5 Calls and set up more appts (#do1set1)