Family & Complete Sets

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This is the Family set. It includes everything in the basic set PLUS the four most CUSTOMER REQUESTED TOOLS. 

From left to right, it includes the Hardy Slicer, which is a heavy duty tool like the butcher knife, but also has the DD®-Edge. 

The Petite Santoku, which gives you a second chopping knife.

The Cheese Knife with a handle that MATCHES the rest of the set.

This set comes with 10 table knives, instead of just eight.

AND it comes WITH the SUPER SHEARS including a spot for these right in the block.

In the long run this set is one of the best overall values.

However, for the person who wants it all...

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... this is the big daddy set that's not for everyone. This set is really for two kinds of people:

1st is people who cook most every day, more than once a day, and for multiple people.

The 2nd kind of person who gets this set is someone who just likes to have the best of the best.

So these are two of the more complete options and we have a special price on these right now. Would you want to know the price to upgrade to one of these today?

If yes, cover prices listed below and ask for the order.

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