Getting Numbers

  • Method 1: Go through your entire phone. You probably have more numbers than you think.

  • Method 2: Message people through Social Media.

    • Our target market is on Facebook.

    • Search through family members FB friends and find people you have met and already know.

    • Use FB messenger.

      • Hi, _________. I have a new job that is offering me a chance to earn some scholarships and I think you can help. Would it be ok to call you?

      • Or just call through FB Messenger.

Method 2: Text (or snapchat) Friends to get Parents’ Numbers

Hey _______, I need you to do me a quick favor. I started this new job and I’m in this huge contest to earn a scholarship.

All I have to do is a really quick presentation for people who are over 30 years old.

It’s pretty easy to do and your parents are perfect. I have to actually contact them myself and ask them personally about it. Even if they’re too busy to do it, that’s fine. It helps me just to call them and ask.

What's the best # to text your mom?


“They’re Really Busy” or “I’m Not Sure They Would Want To”

No big deal. Worse thing that could happen is they say “no”. I won’t take up too much of their time. So can you help me out?

“What’s The Presentation About?”

I’m just demonstrating some cool kitchen stuff. Like I said, it’s really easy and they don’t have to commit to seeing it or buying anything, I just have to contact and ask them. If they say they’re busy then no big deal. So can you help me out?

Method 3: Ask your relatives.

    • Remind them that you get paid just to show it and there's no pressure to buy.

    • If they have questions, take them through the parent FAQ ---

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Just ASK.