Handling Concerns on Introductions

HANDLING CONCERNS on Introductions

I’ll Email Them to You Later

That would be awesome (Name) ! I appreciate you wanting to help me. However, I know you're REALLY BUSY & I’d hate to have to call you while you’re with family or at work. And, without referrals, I can’t do any more demos. BTW as a reminder, they don’t have to buy ANYTHING. So, if we could start with 3-4 off the top of your head now, and then send me the rest later it would really help me out. So, who has a kitchen and is nice? 🙂

Don’t Know That Many People

It’s totally fine, especially since I get paid just to show it to them, even a few REALLY helps! So, let’s just start with a couple and we can come up with more later! So how about your... (thought joggers)

Don’t Like to Give Out People’s Names

I don’t blame you! If it were somebody else giving them a call besides me, I would be hesitant too. But I promise it will just be me so... ASK AGAIN.

I’ll email them to you later

(Although most customers mean well, it is extremely unlikely that they will send you referrals later)

Sure no problem, however since I know you’re so busy, I’d hate to ask you to work on this while you’re running your house, at work, or taking care of your kids. Can we come up with 1-2 right now and we can get the rest later? How about your ... (Offer thought jogger)

Let Me Call Them First and Get Back to You

Of course! I wouldn’t want to see them if they aren’t interested. To make it easier, go ahead and jot down their names and numbers and I will follow up with you tomorrow and you can let me know who it’s okay to call and who to cross off the list. OR Perfect! Could you text a them now and see what they say before I call them?

Last Resort...

Ask Again, Say Please 🙏🏽 and Smile 😊