Three Keys: Ask, Smile, Follow the Script

Get the INTRODUCTIONS after entering the order.

Basics of Getting Introductions

STEP 1: Feedback on the MyCUTCORep app

(NAME), how did you like my demo?

Great! Go ahead and pull out your cell phone and open the app I had you download at the beginning of our meeting.

I’m sending you my Rep # and our Meeting # to enter so we can make this appointment official.

(Find meeting code while customer is getting phone and opening app)

**go to VectorImpact → Contacts → Click on Customer → Send Access Meeting Codes**

(When Customer has app open, give her your ID and meeting code)

Go ahead and answer the questions and feel free to answer honestly - I want to get real feedback so I can keep improving! Let me know when you're done.

(after they answer the questions)

Thanks! Now go ahead and click the share button at the bottom for me please. There’s one more very important part...

Here’s where you can really help me out.

As you know, I get paid every time I show CUTCO, but I can only show it to people I’ve been personally introduced to.

So let's start with 10-15 people who might be nice enough to help me out, and the app is designed to be a huge time saver on this part. 😊

I’m not looking for people who you think would buy, just nice people like you, anybody with a kitchen.

(NAME), FOR EVERY 10 people you introduce me to, you count as one of my sponsors. If you get to 20 you become a double sponsor and you count twice. 🙂

One of the scholarships I mentioned in the beginning is for getting 50 sponsors; then the company awards me a cash scholarship.

So you’ve got the app open, right? Great, so when you scroll down just tap next to anyone you think might be nice enough. And let me know when you get to the bottom before you click next. It’s much easier to do this while we’re on Zoom together in case you have any questions for me. It’ll only take us 3-5 minutes. Let’s start in the A’s…who jumps out first?

Ok, Great! Most people want to check with their friends first and we never want to contact anyone who doesn't want to be contacted, so this app let's you send a "heads-up-text-message" to make sure people are OK with it.

I'll wait a few days to call, so if anyone responds saying that they don’t have the time, just let me know, and I’ll delete them.

Copy/Paste this message to them so they can send to people they refer.

Hi! I just met with a college student from (YOUR SCHOOL). You may get a call or text soon from (YOUR FULL NAME), who is paying for school and by showing a product called CUTCO. It's really cool stuff, and (FIRST NAME) gets credit for presenting to you. Look for the phone number, (YOUR NUMBER). I think you'll enjoy this. Thanks!


  • Thought joggers: Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Lookers, not buyers!

  • Who do you know who: loves to cook, has children, BBQ’s, hosts parties…

  • Thank your Customer and ask for more! “Thank you so much (NAME), you have no idea how much this helps me out! Just ____ more, you’ll become a (sponsor / double sponsor)!

Out of town Demos! Remember to ask for out of town introductions!

  • (Name), it’s my goal to meet with someone in all 50 states so who do you know who lives out of the area?”

  • “I am trying to stay as busy as possible so it really helps if I can schedule demos at odd hours. Who do you know who lives in a different time zone so I can keep my schedule full around my classes?"


I’ll Send Them To You Later

That would be awesome (Name)! I appreciate you wanting to help me. However, I know you're REALLY BUSY & I’d hate to have to call you while you’re with family or at work. And, without new introductions, I can’t do any more demos. BTW as a reminder, they don’t have to buy ANYTHING. So, if we could start with just 5-7 now, and then send me the rest later it would really help me out. So, who has a kitchen and is nice? 😊

Don’t Like To Give Out People’s Names

I can totally understand why you might hesitate, but I'm not asking for people you think will buy, just nice people who might be open to looking.

And I promise that I will be the only person who sees these names and it will only be me who contacts them and I'll treat them with the same courtesy and respect as I treated you. Does that sound fair? 😊

Let Me Contact Them First and Get Back to You

Of course! I wouldn’t want to see them if they aren’t interested.

After you share the introductions, we send them a three-way text and ask if they would help. Anyone who's not interested I'll just cross off the list and won't call them. But anyone who says, "Yes", I'll just contact them, and I promise that I will be the only person who sees these names and it will only be me who contacts them and I'll treat them with the same courtesy and respect as I did with you. Does that sound fair? 😊


“Mrs. __________, would you be willing to post about this demo and tag me on Facebook/Social Media?"


INITIAL APPROACH: Asking Family/Family Friend to Post for You

Hi (NAME)! I hope all is well! I have a favor to ask you. Would you mind doing a Facebook post for me? It would really help me out with some school and work goals. I can send you a template of what to post and I can also send you a photo of me. Would you be nice enough to do a post? It would mean the world to me!

FACEBOOK APPROACH: Asking Customer to Post for You

(Name), thank you so much for these ___ referrals, it really helps me out! By the way, are you on Facebook? (If YES) Oh cool! Well hey, I know we’re not friends yet, but could we be? :) Awesome thanks, I’ll send you a request now! I’m not sure how active you are on your Facebook but I was going to see if there was any way you could give me a quick shout out on there as well? I’ve found that it’s a super easy way for me to spread the word about the scholarship contest I'm in and most people like that their friends can reach out to me directly! Would you be nice enough to put that post up? It would mean the world to me!

(If YES) Okay, thanks so much! I can send you a template of a post as well as a pic of me so they know who they would be meeting! Just tag me in the photo and then I can reach out to anyone who is interested right there on Facebook!

Sample Post:

Hello everyone! My (daughter/son/niece/nephew/family friend, son's friend, etc.) is working toward a scholarship by doing online demos of CUTCO Kitchen knives, cookware and gadgets. Heard of it? (It's the #1 selling housewares line in North America and it's Made in America!)

He/She gets paid just to do an online presentation and it would be so helpful for some volunteers to help him/her out.

There is an extra scholarship when he/she reaches 100 of these online meetings. I just did it and it's fun and painless.

If you want to do your good deed for this week, comment here and he/she can contact you to schedule a time. Thanks, friends!

Message to People who Like/Comment:

(Adjust verbiage to fit)

Hi (NAME), thanks for liking/commenting on ______’s post! I wanted to reach out and schedule a time to meet online. Like _____ said, you don’t have to buy anything as I get paid just to show the product. The reason I’m working so hard this fall to earn a scholarship to help pay for school. 😊 Would you prefer a text or a phone call?

Second Message (if no initial response):

Hi again (NAME), I hate to bother you but I just wanted to make sure you saw my message. I’m working really hard this summer so I just wanted to send one follow up to see if you could possibly squeeze me in for a quick appointment. It’s pretty entertaining and it really helps me get some practice! Just let me know either way! :)