Next Level Introductions!

  • Did you enjoy my presentation? Did I do okay? Great! Now, Mrs. ________, there’s one more very important part where you can REALLY help me out: I get paid every time I show CUTCO to someone, but I can only show it to people who I’ve been personally recommended to.

  • So what I need you to do is just give me your top 100 people who you think might be nice enough to help me out! (pause and smile) Just kidding, Mrs. Jones! I only need your top 20-30.

  • In other words, I’m NOT looking for people who would buy, just NICE people like you who’d be willing to take a look.

  • FOR EVERY 10 that we get down, you count as one of my sponsors. Once I get 150 sponsors, my manager gives me $150 towards ______ (personal goal: books for school, student debt, etc.). **Most people jot down 20-30 to count as a double or triple sponsor, but you can write as many as you want-- every 10 helps!!**

  • To make it easy on you, I’ve got pen and paper on my end, so you don’t have to type out a bunch of numbers. Of course, I know you probably want to email me a huge long list, but I’m going to get your top 20-30 here, and then I’ll give you my email at the end if you want to send me more!

Okay, so who’s first in your contacts?!”

***with JUST this approach, you will average about 10-20, sometimes you’ll get 30 recs. When you following the objection cycle, your average will double or triple.***

If they say they don't feel comfortable:

  • I can totally understand why you might feel that way.

  • And if it were anyone but me who will be calling them, I wouldn't want to give any names either.

  • But I promise it will just be me who contacts them, and I will treat them with the same courtesy and respect that I treated you.

  • Does that sound fair?

If they want to call them first:

  • Of course, Ms. Jones. I definitely wouldn't want to contact anyone who isn't interested.

  • So what we do, after I get the names and numbers, is have you send a three way chat with each person.

  • And if they say, "YES, I would be happy to help out," then I would just give them a quick call to set a time.

  • And if they say, "NO, I don't want to do it," then I would definitely not contact them.

  • I would just cross them off my list and not bother your friends.

  • And again, I'll treat everyone with kindness and respect like I did with you.

  • So who's first in your contacts?


When Mrs. Jones is finished with “Round 1”:


As you thank them, put a star next to EVERY SINGLE NAME that they wrote down (it doesn't matter if it's 8 or 28, star every single one, because the people that they initially write are all BUYERS. When you star everyone and then ask specifically for non-buyers, you're putting Mrs. Jones at ease because you're telling her it's okay if some of her friends don't buy.) As you star, remind Mrs. Jones that you need EVERYONE, not just buyers, but that you'll call her best people first. Pass it back or ask again.

Like this: OK, Awesome! Thank you so much for these _________ people. Now I'm going to put a star by these names, because these are my buyers. Thanks for all these. But again, I'm not looking for just buyers. I'm looking for anyone who is nice that can help me toward my scholarship. And I get credit for every presentation. So, Ms. Jones, who do you know that's just nice?


a. USE WHAT YOU TUCKED AWAY WHEN YOU BUILT RAPPORT! So this round of objections is example: *looking at list* “OK Ms ___________, now which of these are your siblings? Oh, one of them?? Well let's get the other three down, because I can do online appointments to anyone anywhere.” Go through every category from when you built rapport. EXTRA Tip: Keep a notebook next to computer during the rapport section. Repeat names and exact verbiage to make the connection.


Hold free stuff until you are ready!! You don't want to offer a peeler for 30 when she was already planning on writing 30. Wait for her to tap out at 30 and then offer the peeler for 50. Every SINGLE time I’ve gotten 100+ intros it was because I WAITED to leverage free items. Offer the free item roughly double where they are when you get to this step. Tip: Keep your ORDERS APP on the page with the items and just jot down contact info and credit card info on paper. That way you don’t have to adjust the order later. Wait until after INTROS to complete the order.

4. THE NEXT 10.

a. If they're at 18, ask for two more. If they're at 71, ask for 9 more. “Thank you SO much for these-- you’ve helped me out so much! I do want to let you know though, I can't combine these with your friends INTROS to help w my sponsorship - they have to be just from you.”


This is a great way to identify categories she's missing (you realize none of her list has her book club, or other soccer moms or something), you can add those. If she writes any down, repeat step 4.


a. Make sure your appreciation is genuine. Then send her a sample text she can copy/paste. Then ask her to send a 3-way text for each person as an introduction. She will send multiple 3-way texts, not one big text to all of her people. Here is the sample text:

b. “Hey, _______ I want to introduce you to (rep name)! (S)he just showed me an online demo for CUTCO! (S)he is super nice and is working very hard to earn some scholarships/pay off some student debt. CUTCO is a great, but there’s no pressure to buy because (s)he’s paid just to show it! I thought I’d introduce you to her/him and let her/him tell you a little about what (s)he’s doing this summer. :)

c. Immediately respond: “Hi, _________, Ms. __________ had so many nice things to say about you! Is now a good time to give you a quick call, or would later tonight be better?”