FOR CUTCO OWNERS / How to Create a “Wish List”

(Have customer take out every piece of CUTCO they already own)

Ms. _______, since you already own CUTCO it doesn’t make sense to buy a full set - UNLESS you have someone you may want to give the gift of CUTCO. Is there anyone you have in mind that you might want to give CUTCO as a gift? (if yes, help them pick gifts and start their "WISH LIST")

OK - Most CUTCO owners like to either upgrade to their favorite set or pick out a few things to supplement what they already own. Either way, if you decide to add more CUTCO today, I’ll help you take advantage of our special offers for UPGRADES and unpublished specials.

We’ll start by making your wish list. These aren’t necessarily things you are going to get today, but what you'd like to add at some point in the next 5-10 years.

Basically, as we go through here, if you had a $10,000 CUTCO Gift Card, what would you add today.

(In your notebook write: Mrs. _______’s Wish List)

(Have customer write their list down list too!)


1. Review current CUTCO tools and the uses for each. Ask questions! Find out what they are using their knives for and help them learn what tools should be used for what jobs.

2. Show other set options, starting with the COMPLETE Set.

3. Highlight missing tools and promote uses and value of each. Talk about what foods they prepare regularly and even just sometimes.

4. Walk through Partner Products/Accessories slides.

6. Finally, add it all up and have customer write down the TOTAL for everything.

PRESENT OFFER - Use Bonus Point System

For every $200 - $250, offer about $50-$70 for free.

For every $1000, offer about $200-$250 for free.

Be careful not to offer too much for free too soon. - It's a VERY GOOD IDEA to call a manager for help working out a good special offer!


Just for fun - I'm gonna tell you what everything on you wish list would be. The more on your wish list, the better deals possible! The more you get, the more you save!

The total value of everything on your wish list is: ___________

I can get that down to: ___________

On a 5-pay investment plan, that’s only: ___________

😁 Sooooooo, Ms __________ 😊 - How would you like to get this and make your wish come true?🤗

(If first deal doesn’t work, DROP DOWN.)

Which few tools would you use the least right now?

(Make a new offer with remaining pieces)