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Your success will be determined by the number of Qualified Appointments you do. It’s a numbers game 🔢

More Appointments = More Orders = More Income



• Hi (CUSTOMER NAME), this is . How are you? (Visit / catch up for a bit)

• Well, the reason I’m calling is I just started a new job showing CUTCO.

• As part of my training, I get paid to do some initial training appointments.

(Smile) So you don’t have to buy anything, because I get credit just to show it.

• The appointments are over ZOOM, so you’ll need to be in-front of a computer at home.

My assignment is to do 4 more appointments in the next three days.

I have an opening on (DAY) at (TIME) or would (DAY) at (TIME) be better for you?

FIRM UP (so they'll remember & know it's important)

  • (REPEAT DAY and TIME) - Great! Thanks a ton! This really means a lot to me!

(If they are in a long-term relationship, make sure to ask for BOTH to be present for the demo, so say the next line:)

  • It works best if both you and _(partner/spouse name)_ do this together. Is this a time that _(he/she)_ will be available also?

  • (Smile 😊) Thanks so much for helping me with this! I’m really looking forward to catching up.

  • I'm booking my appointments back to back to hit my goal, so are you sure this is a good time? Thank you so much!

  • I’m going to send you a confirmation text in a few minutes. Also, I'll need to email you a ZOOM-link before we meet. What's your E-mail address?

  • Great! I'll send you the link 10 minutes before our appointment, then I'll call or text when it's time to meet on the ZOOM.

  • This is a big deal for me so I appreciate you. Thanks so much. Bye.

Confirmation TEXT:

Thanks so much, (name) . This appointment is super important for me.

We are scheduled for: (day), (date), at (time).

I appreciate your help. :-)

IF NO ANSWER, Text them this:

Hi (_____________) - This is (_____________). I’m at my new job right now and I need a favor.

Do you have 3 quick minutes to talk?


What Is CUTCO?

CUTCO is some high-quality things for the kitchen and a few outdoor items. I’m sure you already have tons of these things, but I get paid just to show it to you. So, would _____ or _____ be better for you?

I Already Own CUTCO - (this is VERY positive and we definitely want this appointment!)

That’s great! How long have you had it? (listen). That's really great. I am doing it for the training and I’d love to get your opinion and maybe some pointers. Plus, I get the same credit even if you own it already. . So, would _____ or _____ be better for you?

That Time Doesn’t Work - (offer two new times)

Is that a bad day or just a bad time? So, how about __________ at _____ or would __________ at _____ be better?

I’m Really Busy

No problem, I totally understand. I’m really busy too, and I really need 4 more appointments in the next 3 days. Is that a bad day or just a bad time? So, how about __________ at _____ or would __________ at _____ be better?

How Long Does It Take?

It's hard to know exactly since some people have a bunch of questions. Just the presentation part is about 35 minutes. After that, it’s kinda up to you. So, which time would be best for you, __________ at ______ or __________ at _______?